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I booked my driver’s license appointment

Today I took the big step of booking my driver’s license appointment.  I passed my learner’s back in January, and have slowly been learning how to drive with my dad. Practice every weekend at a local shopping mall’s parking lot after hours.

I feel relieved at having gotten the booking out the way, as my learner’s is only valid for 18 months. It’s already basically been 6 since I got it, so time is flying. Now that I have a definite fixed date, I can put even more effort into it.

However, the one thing that frustrated me today was the queue at the Hillstar Traffic Department. It’s always been highly congested to my knowledge, and today was no exception. I spent almost 2 and a half hours in queues of one sort or the other. Luckily I made my own ID photos at home, or I would have wasted even more time.

The building is warm and stuffy, and it’s laid out poorly. To make matters worse, of the 6 tellers to process payments for bookings, only 2 were open for the majority of the day. Only later did a 3rd open up to alleviate the congestion a bit.

I guess for some reasons that you’ll never be able to do some of the booking online, as doing that would and could reduce a huge amount of wasted time. Back when the whole traffic system changed to the eNatis system, the queues at Hillstar were so long they ran outside the facility into the road. If people could have done some of the tasks online, things might not have been so insane. After all, we are able to do just about everything else online these days.

Anyway, it’s done with, and I’m relieved. Come 18 November this year, I’ll know whether I am free to drive or start the whole procedure over again.

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