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Internet Explorer 7

After using this browser quite a bit lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that it the best by a mile that Microsoft has ever produced. It feels more responsive, and handles newer web technologies far better than IE6 does, as well as handling them faster. Sites that make heavy use of PHP, such as this site or FaceBook, have a large boost in performance.

2 weeks ago at work I started rolling it out to a numner of computers, partly due to all the security issues surrounding IE6. These computers take a lot of abuse, with tons of web surfing, and I believe that IE7 can help keep things more secure, while also providing a better experience on many sites for the staff of our school. Also, with the built in Live Search facility, I can get rid of those annoying Google and Yahoo toolbars that totally clutter up IE6. The IT Lab will be the last place to get it though, due to some of the younger students who will struggle with the change. Still, it will happen, and when it does there is no going back.

While the interface is quite different to IE6 and older, it really doesn’t take too long to get used to, and soon enough it’s natural to you. I intend to install it here at home within the next day or 2. I don’t actually use IE at home, but rather a browser called Maxthon. However, Maxthon does use IE for some of its behind the scenes work, and the upgrade to IE7 was highly recommended by the Maxthon developers.

Many people love Firefox, but I’m actually indifferent to it after all these years with Maxthon. At the same time, IE7 is a far better fit at my work, where I can easily customise it using Group Policies, something which is now possible with Firefox as well I think.

For anyone still using IE6 on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, take the plunge and upgrade to IE7. I haven’t come across any broken sites under 7 yet, and I doubt I will. For some people it’s a necessity to stay with 6 for now, but if you have no such restriction, do yourself the favour and upgrade.

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