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Telkom’s great ADSL mess

On Monday this week, our ADSL connection here at work decided to fall over and get sick. This was a rather rare event for ADSL, and especially during the middle of the month. Normally issues only happened at the end of the month, when the whole ADSL network runs out of capacity.

The symptoms included high latency, most international websites timing out, and even locally hosted South African sites being sluggish. Luckily this happened the day before school started, which helped minimize the fuss. The situation was somewhat better on Tuesday, but still a bit sluggish. After confirming with our Internet Service Provider that there was an issue, I sent out a mail to all our staff members, letting them know.

Unfortunately, not everyone bothers to read the message clearly, as there were many calls and e-mails to me, expecting me to magically make the problem right. Then I have to patiently explain to people that it is a Telkom issue, and we must all wait. I’m sure the people are probably tired of hearing me blame everything on Telkom every time there is an issue, but in South Africa it really is the case, dut to the staggering monopoly of this company.

Our school cannot afford a leased line, and we cannot make use of 3G techology or iBurst, for either speed or capacity issues. That really just leaves ADSL. For a school that has grown a lot in the last year, we are still sitting with a 512KBPS line, where we should be on a 4MBPS line. Even with a proxy server in place, internet access still can be sluggish, and cap will always vanish. Worst of all, there was no decrease in price this year, there was actually an increase on the physical copper line rental instead. Telkom then has the cheek to take out adverts in the newspapers, going on about how they have kept “broadband” pricing at last year’s levels. They can afford to cut the rates, which in turn will bring in new customers, but they are too close minded to understand that.

I’m ranting here, but when it comes to this company, I can’t help it. To them, providing internet access is almost like a luxury that they are giving to spoilt children. 👿

All I can say is that I continue to hope that Neotel can keep putting on pressure. Telkom is already cracking, and hopefully they burst open soon.

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