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I hate being sick

Most people hate getting up on Mondays, and are tempted to stay in bed. I too often suffer this, as it’s comfortable, and getting up early is always hard. However, when you have a cold, it often gets worse.

I picked this cold up sometime last week, but the first effect didn’t show up until Saturday morning, in the usual manner of sore throat and blocked nose. I went to a friend of mine’s 23rd birthday party that night, and unfortunately for me, there were many people smoking in that venue. I’m not a smoker, and second hand smoke has always annoyed me, but Saturday night’s smoke probably made things worse for me. I spend most of yesterday, Sunday, sneezing and coughing in bed.

I forced myself to come in to work today, as I have a ton of things that need to be done. I may stay out tomorrow though, depending on how I feel. I’m always reluctant to be off sick, but my health has to come first. I’m not the world’s fittest nor most healthy person, and rather one day off than risk the cold worsening and then take a week off.

People keep suggesting I take meds, but it serves no real purpose other than to relieve some of the symptoms. Furthermore, it’s useless. So at the moment, I’m just drinking Corenza C in water to help relieve some of the blocked nose problems, and Cepacol lozenges for my raw throat to ease the pain after coughing a lot.

I doubt we’ll ever get to the point where we can prevent or cure the cold, the blasted thing is so simple, yet so complex. It mutates every time, and every person suffers in their own way.

Ug, my eyes feel so heavy now. Long day ahead and I’m not in a mood to be here. Sigh

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