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LG Optical drives are nosiy

I’ve used many optical drives over the years, including LG, Memorex, Sony, Smasung, Asus, Compaq, the list goes on. This past weekend at home, using my home computer, I finally realized something I had known for a long time: LG makes the most noisy optical drives.

Installing software off a dvd sounds akin to a jet aircraft taking off. It is not a pleasant sound at all. Now, the drive is not faulty, and generally, LG drives have always worked well for me, with very few “coasters”, or bad disks.

I recently worked with some Asus drives here at my work, and good grief, they were nice and quiet! The Quietrac feature really does work. The drive spins up, but it’s a quiet humming sound that is worlds apart from the jet engine of the LG’s.

I’m in half a mind to get rid of my LG, and buy an Asus SATA DVD writer, simply for the added quiet it will bring. Not to mention, SATA will let me free up half of the rather bulky IDE cable in my case. I know that SATA optical drives apparently don’t like the AHCI mode of SATA, but I’m sure I can get around it somehow.

So in summary, if you value quiet when working with your optical drives, do not buy an LG. Rather get an Asus drive, and enjoy a quieter working experience.

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