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Burning CD’s becoming old fashioned?

While waiting for another task to complete, I had an interesting thought. Is burning CD’s going out of style? I was thinking about USB flash drives and how much storage space they now offer, up to 32GB on some models. A blank CD holds at most 700MB of data, which a 1GB flash drive easily outstores.

The benefits of flash drives are many. No longer do you need burning software, or know how to burn. Just plug in the disk, and it’s ready to be copied to/from. No need to install a CD writer if you are non technical and afraid of opening up a computer. Transfer rates can be much faster than CD, if using USB2.

I’ve seen car radio’s have a USB port for hooking up a flash drive, as well as a DJ mixing desk. No longer would you need to take a crate of cd’s into a club, just bring 2 flash drives to mix. I’ve also seen DVD players and recorders with the ports, and some can decode DivX/XVid movies off the drive.

CD’s also have the downside of being write once only, or in the case of rewtiteables, suffer from not being compatible in a lot of CD players (if writing audio) or in older CD-Rom drives. Flash drives are only limited by their life span of writes.

There are some cases of course where having a CD is still the best, and not all cars have the new radio’s with USB ports. Sometimes you just want to archive something, or equipment doesn’t have a USB port. Some claim that the auido quality of CD is still higher than anything MP3 can achieve. Of course, burning a CD and giving it away can be done cheaply or for nothing, as the media is cheap, cheaper than flash drives.

Still, I think the days of home users burning CD’s at least will dwindle. DVD has a longer lifespan, since it holds much more storage, but in the end I think it will also fall to flash media.

Interesting thought. Who knows what the future holds?

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