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I installed Quake 4 this past Saturday, and decided to start playing right away. I was just going to play one level or so, but the action was so quick that I just kept on playing and playing. Before I knew it, I was like 3 quarters into the game already.

I finished the game on Sunday afternoon, and I felt rather satisfied. The game generally kept up the pace, and it had a pretty good storyline, much more fun for me than Doom 3. Graphics were pretty nice, but I did see that the Doom 3 engine doesn’t really do outside areas all too well. For inside areas it’s great, but falls a little flat outside. Then again the saem could be said of Doom 3 itself. Audio was top notch, especially with EAX 4 turned on.

I haven’t played Multiplayer, nor will I any time soon, since I don’t have a decent internet connection at home, so I can’t comment on that feature of the game. From what I understand, it’s better than Doom 3’s MP, but not as fast as Quake 3 was.

Now that the game is done, I’ll leave it on my hard drive, and install the mods I have lying around on dvd at some point soon. I have other games to get through first.

My overall rating for the game is 8 out of 10.

Look forward to seeing where next for the series, since the ending of Quake 4 left itself wide open for a sequel.

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