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Two great games

This past weekend I finally managed to finish off 2 great games, Call of Duty 2 and Crysis. I have not been playing too often, so it has taken me quite some time.

Call of Duty 2 has some very good graphics, and although it’s not cutting edge, it’s quite good. Sound was simply mind blowing, I truly felt like I was on a battlefield most of the time. It also made tremendous use of my surround sound system, which left me smiling.

The game itself has a strong, if disjointed storyline with it’s 3 campaigns. To be honest, I think that was probably my only dislike of it. The campaigns never tied together, and the endings felt somewhat weak. The end of the American campaign took me by suprise, I didn’t expect it to be so short. But being positive again, I will say that the opening mission of that campaign has to be one of the most brilliant levels in any computer game, no matter what genre. I really felt that I was on the beach, making landings as part of D-Day. Medal of Honour Allied Assualt had a great level with Omaha Beach, but this was better. Wow.

I picked the game up at a budget price in a computer shop, and it was well worth it. I have heard rave reviews about COD4, and if it is anything like 2, I know the hype is justified.

On to Crysis. I couldn’t help but feel a thrill when starting the game up, knowing that I was about to play the most graphically beautiful game of all time. I got even more of a thrill when I was able to play the game with all settings on high.

From the first moment, I was hooked. Graphics blew me away, as did the sound. Once again it made good use of all my speakers, and bathed me in sound. Once I was on the ground and got used to the nanosuit, I had a sinking feeling. I knew that any other shooter I played would not be the same without that suit. I haven’t yet felt myself reaching for that suit button in other games, but I do wish it was there.

The story line of Crysis is pretty strong right though, you just want to keep playing and playing. The music in game is also extremley beautiful, really adds to the mood. I do have to say though that the last few levels were a little let down, I don’t think it really did justice to the rest of the game. They set it up for a sequel, but did it in such a way that made you really want that new game now. I would say that Nomad shares the stage with Master Chief from Halo, they both want to finish the fight.

I look forward to getting Crysis Warhead, as well as the next Crysis game, whenever that may eventually arrive.

With those 2 games out the way now, I can focus on some of my other games, but I find that it feels a little shallow compared to the treats I have been given in COD2 and Crysis. Computer gaming may not be as easy or quick as consoles anymore, but it still is the king. You can mod, replay and multiplay in ways that consoles can’t touch. Overall, it still gives the best experience.

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