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Gonzo’s Pool Lounge in Plumstead

Last night I went out with a small group of friends for about 3 hours, just to get out and relax a little. We ended up at Gonzo’s in Plumstead. I had been there once before, about 2 weeks ago, after dinner with another group of friends.

I had seen and heard of the place many times before, and always pictured as some kind of hell hole, but to my pleasant suprise it was nice and roomy up in the place. Lots of pool tables to play at, along with couches and tv’s and so on. There is also an area that has karoke, with a live band playing last night. The price of the drinks are about average, but otherwise it is a nice place. It is a similar concept to the Stones line of pool lounges that are present in many cities in South Africa.

The only downside is that there are many people smoking, so unfortunately you tend to smell like smoke after a while, and it can irritate your throat. The stairs up to the entrance is also quite steep, with each step actually quite small and narrow. If you are intoxicated, you will need to be very careful, as that fall can seriously hurt you.

Otherwise, it’s a nice place, and I’ll probably end up going there again in the future sometime.

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