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Measuring disk space usage graphically

One very useful tool I’ve made use of quite a bit since I discovered it is JDiskReport. It’s a small program written in Java that runs on multiple platforms. It’s purpose is to scan a drive/folder and prepare a graphical output of how much space files or folders are consuming. It can also tell you the top 50 biggest files on your disk/in your folder, as well as provide an age breakdown on the files. These is also a very handy graph that shows how much space different file types are taking up, e.g. Word .doc files take up 20MB in that folder.

It can often reveal suprising amounts of disk space being wasted on your computer, and it becomes even more handy on a network, where its simple graphs can do more to drive a point home than a written memo. I recently scanned the pupil and staff drives at my new job, and it brought to light people who were storing huge amounts of data in their personal folders. It also unearthed games and other things students were not supposed to have.

You can download the tool here: http://www.jgoodies.com/downloads/index.html

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