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Operating system zealots

A while ago I was browsing my usual forums, reading a thread that was about the all too common Linux vs Windows debate. One person posted a link to a blog which I read, which was pretty much a full out attack on Windows users. The blog post had been brought about by the recent upsurge of the Conficker worm.

The person who wrote that blog was basically bashing every single Windows user, and was proudly promoting Linux as the answer. This is nothing unique, having grown up more or less in the internet culture, I’ve been witness to these debates plenty of times. I had a friend once who also went on about this, proclaiming “Windows sux, it’s so unstable, <insert usual diatribe here>. He said that he would run Linux on his home system, he’d be so secure and safe. I lost contact with him for many years, but when I did briefly get back in touch with him, he was running Windows XP still. When I asked why, it was because his games and web design tools wouldn’t work under Linux, so he got tired of the frustration. Instead he switched his anger towards something else.

Civilized debate is fun and can be enlightening, provided the other party has strong backup information that you can follow up on if you find yourself swayed by their opinion. However, proudly proclaiming on an internet forum that “Vista is an epic fail” and the only evidence is your word and experience, then that makes me class that as a fail.

The OS debate has been going on ever since there was an OS, but in today’s world, amatuer users can make a lot of noise on blogs and over the internet. Many of them raged about Vista after it was released, and did the same thing in real life to fellow friends and family, which in turn put some of those people off, since their “IT friend/family member says Vista sucks” They didn’t even try the OS out, yet they’ve already written it off. Yes, Vista had and still does have issues, but it’s a huge step forward for Microsoft in numerous ways, amongst them much better security.

As for the Linux side of things, it normally tends to turn out into an all out flame war. Or the users hi-jack threads that had nothing to do with them, such as answering a plea for help by saying that installing Ubuntu will solve everything. Not exactly the attitude that welcomes you into the community. Now here’s the thing. I like Linux, and have used it to a certain depth in the past, and without a doubt it makes a great server and desktop platform. However, I don’t see it taking over the desktop, it’s had a good 10 years to do so and hasn’t yet. Every year that has been proclaimed to be the year of the Linux desktop has failed to win more than a few bits of a percentage point towards total adoption.

My view is really that people should use whatever OS they find comfortable, easy and gets their specific job done. Spreading the word is also fine, so long as it’s done in a mature way. The internet really needs far less trolling, and more constructive methods of doing things. Each OS out there has its own strengths and weaknesses, while some are designed for very specific types of jobs. Being a fan of your OS is fine, but if you are going to debate, please do so maturely and with facts. Not heresay, not random diatribes, back it up with proof please.

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