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LAN gaming is fun

Yesterday my best friend came over to my house to have a mini LAN. We had spoken of doing this before, but we hadn’t set a date or time for it. Yesterday somehow just worked out conveniently and he came over on the spur of the moment. We weren’t able to do this before as he didn’t have a computer and I didn’t have a network switch. However, I now have a switch built into our ADSL router, and since it also has wireless, it’s even easier.

I have my beast of a computer and he now a company laptop that is pretty high end. The graphics card onboard is unfortunately one of the Intel 4 series chips, but for the games we played, it worked out fine.

We only played Warcraft 3 and Unreal Tournament 2004 but it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately during UT2004, my friend had an attack of what seemed to be vertigo, which left him pale and nauseas. I stopped to let him recover. At the same time my parents came home with some supper, so we ate and that helped him recover even more. It seems this happens to him in most first person games, something to do with how the motion yet no motion confuses his mind.

This is my first real time doing any sort of LAN gaming for an actual decent amount of time, and it was well worth it. The only downside of any LAN is setting up your games and getting them running. This only counts if you it hasn’t been installed before the time of course. Then again, sometimes you have no real idea of what you are going to play :mrgreen:

We finally finished after 11pm, we were too tired to go on. After this, we are definitely hoping to do it again some time, and hopefully involve a 3rd person so that it becomes even more fun.

Now I know why thee are so many LAN addicts out there.

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