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A year’s worth of blogging…

On June 10th this year, my blog turned a year old. I missed the date to write an article to mention this, but I guess that’s how life goes. Sometime you just miss deadlines.

I sat back and thought about this a bit before writing this, it was a chance to reflect on the year that I’ve put into this blog. I originally started this blog for 2 reasons:

  1. Learn what WordPress was about and how to use it, as my previous job wanted to re-launch their website and it was suggested they use WordPress to do the job
  2. A chance for me to rant, rave and just spend some time rambling on about my various thoughts on technology. Interestingly enough, I’ve barely ranted on here, in fact I’ve spent more time raving or rambling than anything else.

My blog has grown in views this year by leaps and bounds, probably because I’ve been paying more attention to it and posting more. With my new job, I’ve discovered a ton of new software and other technologies, which in turn has let me blog about them here. I still want to eventually offer some form of help file downloads that I can write to help fellow admins out. Something along the lines of how I got product XYZ working and so on.

To everyone who has read my blog, and those few who have left comments, thank you. It’s all been worth it, and I hope that by the time next year comes around this blog is even bigger.


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