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Using multiple web browsers

Using 2 internet browsers is an increasing trend for many people these days, as they switch between browsers for speed, security or features. The most popular browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox, and between those 2, most people have all they need.

However for some users, more browsers are needed, whether for web design work or a craving to experiment with different browsers. Here is a snip of my Quick Launch Toolbar:

BrowsersFrom left to right: Internet Explorer 8, Maxthon 2.5, Firefox 3.51, Opera 10, Chrome 2, Safari 4

That is a total of 6 browsers. The reason I have so many is because of the work I do in Joomla for my job’s website. I like to test the pages in multiple browsers to get a feel for speed, font and layout issues as well as general usability.

I find that each of my browsers has pros and cons. Some have more features that are useful, some are faster, some have the right balance. Chrome is useful for raw speed on sites, Opera for layout issues due to its strict method of handling web standards, IE for certain sites, especially some useful Microsoft websites. My default browser however is Maxthon. It has the perfect blend of features I need to make my life easier. While not the fastest, I am more than happy with it.

For all the hype around it, I’ve never been all that huge a fan of Firefox, and as such I rarely use it. Safari rarely gets used as well, as the layout and controls feel strange to me.

Thanks to competition, IE has been forced to grow and improve, which is a good thing for those who just want to get on with the job. In turn, other browsers have been forced to be innovative to stand out, and this has lead to a win win situation for the customer really. There’s certainly never been a better time to be a web surfer.

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