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Windows 7 is now my main OS

For the last few years, I have been singing the praises of Microsoft Windows Vista over its ancestors. Sadly, it seems that Vista will go down in history as one of the most misunderstood and maligned operating systems ever. Sometimes I wondered if I was the only person who ever liked Vista.

In this month, I moved over to Windows 7 as my only OS on my computer. My Vista x64 Ultimate install was not behaving well, I suspect either due to some malware infection or the Avast version 5 upgrade not going so smoothly. Either way, my system was sluggish, it wouldn’t sleep or hibernate, shutting down no longer seemed to work.

At this point I had a choice to make. I could reinstall Vista and continue on as before, or move to 7 and get used to it. My work will be implementing Windows 7 sooner or later, and I felt I needed to know the new OS inside out. With my mind made up, I backed up my mail and data to my 2nd hard drive and proceeded to install 7.

The whole process went very smoothly, and was familiar to me due to 7 being pretty close to Vista in most terms. The installer seems to have been sped up slightly, with more questions being asked post install rather than during install.

Once into 7, it felt enough like Vista that I didn’t lose much time getting up to speed. The new Taskbar takes a little getting used to though, I’m still a bit divided on whether it’s better than the classic Task Bar+Quick Launch or not.

Performance wise, I have to admit that 7 feels better than Vista. Even with my pc hitting 5.9 in Vista performance test, there were times it still felt sluggish. In 7, I don’t feel those problems anymore. What’s more, entering sleep and hibernate occurs much faster than in Vista. It’s almost at XP speeds, though I think XP will always have the edge due to its different design.

Software compatibility wise, 7 is so far running just about everything Vista did, though the applications for my motherboard remote and onboard wireless card are a little faulty. It all depends on how old your pc is really, and what hardware you have in it.

In many ways I think 7 can be summed up as all the best from Vista, some of the baggage removed with most of the speed of XP. I can understand why so many people went crazy over 7, as they had skipped over Vista and didn’t know the good stuff present in it.

While I wouldn’t call 7 Windows Vista SP3 like some people have, I feel that 7 is polished enough to stand on its own, yet retain a debt to its immediate predecessor for doing all the plumbing changes deep down.

As just about everyone else who has reviewed 7 has said, there is no longer a reason to stick to XP. For satisfied Vista users, the picture is a little more murky, since Vista offers most of what 7 offers anyway. There isn’t much reason to upgrade to 7 if you are satisfied, but any new pc should have 7 installed on it.

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