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Another reason to ditch Windows XP

In my view, Windows XP is a wonderful product that has far outlived its useful life. In order to keep this post short, I’m going to cut straight to the chase. The fact that XP does not have a built in DVD codec is a massive problem.

Our school is still XP based. In the classrooms, DVD’s often need to be played, but because of the lack of a codec and the fact the Media Player 11 needs to be validated, staff struggle. To get around this, we installed VLC onto the computers. It works, but is a clunky solution. Most of the staff are barely able to work on the computer, and VLC just confuses them.

Most DVD drives come with Cyberlink PowerPlayer or some other piece of software that will add the codec to XP and Media Player, or we could have installed a codec pack, but the point is that none of these are built in. I understand why at the time Microsoft couldn’t include a codec, but as time has moved on this has become more and more painful to deal with. PowerDVD is a clunky piece of software, and the whole idea to keep things simple and clean on the class computers.

This is yet another reason to move over to Windows 7. Simply pop a DVD into the drive, and it auto launches. No need to do anything, it just works. Simple, convenient and straight forward. I know it will save me lots of cursing under my breath as even the simplest of teachers can get this right, instead of calling me when they can’t play a DVD.

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