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More dodgy Realtek drivers

My week has been crazy enough as is, but today I reached the point where I wanted to use a jackhammer on one computer I am busy setting up. It’s nothing too fancy, but it was given free of charge to my school. I was quite happy at the time we got it, because it contained an Intel motherboard, something I normally associate with quality and an “it just works” view. I was sadly only half right.

Setting up the box went well enough, only to discover it had a Realtek network card onboard. I thought to myself “not a problem, just grab drivers off of Realtek’s website” That duly done, I installed the driver and continue on with setting the box up. Eventually, I join it to the domain and reboot. The computer account is in the right OU, so when it starts it should start installing software. I should mention that this is Windows XP, though not by my choice.

The software was nowhere in sight, so I kept working, not worrying too much. After a few more reboots however, I got that sinking feeling when it comes to dealing with Realtek drivers after the debacle at the start of this year. Sure enough, opening up Event Viewer said it all: errors all over the show about network activities not taking place.

In vain I went to Intel’s site, downloaded drivers. Didn’t work. Went back to Realtek, got slightly newer driver. Didn’t work. Tried all sorts of black magic with installing and uninstalling. Didn’t work. At this point I went home cursing Realtek yet again.

As I was preparing to write this post, I remembered something. I have working Realtek drivers on the server at work that may do the trick. These drivers seem to be in the same family as this card, so I will install it tomorrow and see what happens. Fingers crossed, it will work and I can deliver this pc up to the relevant classroom.

Suffice to say, I am not amused by the fact that I’m suffering this problem again, nor am I pleased that Intel put a Realtek card on that board, probably to save a few bucks. Whoever made that decision at Intel needs to be shot.

I know I’m ranting about drivers on a slowly dying OS, but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that this happens. WHQL signed drivers or not, they simply suck. The world doesn’t have time to deal with such problems anymore.

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