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Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 2

I downloaded this in the week, as I was curious to see what the fuss was all about. Being a Platform Preview, the application is a minimal GUI over the Trident engine that powers IE. The install file was about 16MB, and it didn’t require a restart. You can download a copy here: http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/

The browser window is as spartan as Notepad, which in a bizarre way is actually quite cool. When you start it, it takes you to the Microsoft Demo site, where you can play around with the demos that show off some of the new features in the engine, its speed and improved web standards. Most of these are pretty boring after a while, so I opened up some real websites. I tested my school’s website (built in Joomla) and some other fairly heavy websites.

I was pleased that IE9 PP2 feels faster already than IE8, though of course this is just the raw Trident engine. My school’s website, which relies on a lot of PHP and JavaScript due to being built in Joomla, opens a lot faster than IE8. A lot of things don’t quite work in the admin backend, but I’m sure this will improve as IE9 continues to grow. Other websites showed a similar boost in speed.

I’ve often been asked why we don’t install Firefox or Chrome in the school network, and I reply that until the day you can manage it out of the box like you can with IE through Group Policy it won’t be installed. Most people never knew that, especially the students who think to show off their “l33t skillz”

I don’t know when IE9 will be released, nor if it will help Microsoft regain some points in the browser wars, but increased speed and standards support is a very big welcome. It’s unlikely to get users of other browsers to switch back, but it may stop new users from switching in the first place.

  1. September 24, 2010 at 00:51

    Internet Explorer 9 is now available as a full web browser for all to use. Internet Exploer9 Beta came out on 15th September 2010 and I have installed it on both my Windows 7 laptops. And I must say it IS better than the previous versions of IE. IE8 was very bulky,with many tool bars making it crash and run slow. IE9 is much more up to date than it’s previous versions. Although still I would not want to replace it over Pale Moon the open source of Firefox or Chromium as my default browser. As it still has a long way to go and Firefox and Google Chrome are still far more superior to any version of IE,even this one.

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