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One of those days

It’s been a while since I last posted here. I’ve had some ideas floating around in my head for future topics, which will be coming soon. Things have just been relatively quiet the last few weeks, to the point where I haven’t had much new to write on.

Today was one of those days network administrators hate. It seems everyone needed myself and my colleague, all at the same time. Hardware I attempted to fix did not get fixed by what I thought to be a simple fix. Students were hounding us for acceptable use forms, though they were given forms at the start of the year. Now that they urgently need to get the forms to complete a subject choice program, they rush to us.

I am just happy it’s weekend, so that I can catch my breath a bit and recover, as well as plan for the upcoming week. More than likely though, I’ll end up listening to music, finishing off season 1 of Stargate Altantis or playing more Dragon Age:Origins. A person has to switch off sometimes as well…

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