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School’s ICT Conference 2010

Today I attended the 1st day of the 2010 School’s ICT Conference, held at the Cape Academy for Maths, Science and Technology. It’s the first conference I’ve been to since I started working more than 5 years ago, so I was a bit nervous and excited. I arrived quite early, and proceeded to work through registration. The whole procedure was quick, I got my name badge and a lanyard. To my surprise, I was given a small backpack with goodies inside, mostly pens, paper and promotional material. I named this my “Swag Bag” However, information about some of the specifics was a bit a vague, something that didn’t change throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the early thrill soon ebbed away. My colleague arrived a while after I did, and we sat around doing precious little. Registration was 2 hours long, followed by a tea break. Eventually, by 10:45 we made our way into the main hall for the opening speeches. The hall was a pretty cramped space, and 2 out of the 3 speakers nearly put me to sleep with droning speeches. The middle speaker was good, but got a bit frantic to finish his speech before he ran out of time. A bit of a buzz kill to be honest.

After that, lunch was served. My colleague ate, after which we mingled around and visited the booths of exhibitors. We proceeded to collect more swag, question the salespeople and just meander around. The course timetable was very sparse for today, so we had a lot of time to kill. We eventually attended a lecture that turned out to be the complete opposite of what I thought it was meant to be. It was ok, but not all that useful.

Tomorrow and Tuesday promise to hopefully be more interesting, there are definitely more courses to attend. While it would be nice to mingle with guests from other schools, it isn’t easy to do so since the vast majority of the delegates are teachers, not network administrators. The whole goal of the conference is more to connect teachers teaching anything IT related, rather than the nuts and bolts that hold ICT together in a school. Still, it’s nice to be able to attend such an event, and I am hoping that the next 2 days offer some interesting information.

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