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Day 2 of the Schools ICT Conference 2010

Disappointing. That, in one word, sums up how I felt today went at the conference. It felt like all organizational skills went out the window today, with people running the conference by the skin of their teeth.

I arrived early again today, and spent my time looking around the venue. Eventually I ended up sitting in the staff room, chatting to people about various things. Pleasant enough. I was waiting to sign up to attend a course that would be taking place in a computer lab. The sign up process should have warned me: things were going to get ugly. With no schedule as to when these booking sheets would be going up, trying to book for a course in the computer labs became a stop start guessing affair. Lots of delegates became upset about this, as they felt they were wasting the time and money of their schools. The organizers tried valiantly, but one could almost sense that they were in head under water.

My first course today was presented by a Microsoft employee on various tools Microsoft offer for teachers and education. Not too bad, if it wasn’t for the fact that his slideshow kept being interrupted by a fake anti-virus program that kept informing us that his computer supposedly had malware on it. Not a good sight at all, especially from a Microsoft employee!

The course ran over a bit, so we had to rush to make it to our next course, on protecting yourself online, courtesy of AVG. We may as well not have bothered. The presenter never pitched. The room ended up having an informal discussion about computer security, but there was nothing new. I did however win a mousepad with a gel wrist rest. The only other moment of interest was that we made a connection with a network admin from a primary school. Nice guy, and very bright.

After much confusion, we signed up to go attend a course on Moodle. It was interesting for the first half, after which the presenter lost control of the class and we became distracted. I guess there is just too much ground to cover really, Moodle is a vast program. I spent most of that course reading the host school’s network policy documents, and cursing at the slow computer I was sitting at. If you ever want to know of a way to make a user scream, give them a Celeron PC with 512MB of RAM, set Symantec Corp 10 to do a full scan at 12 noon and sit back. I swear I could urinate faster than that computer was running. Oh, and for what it’s worth, I had about 12 infections pop up while I was there. Security FAIL.

After that, my colleague and I meandered about, had some lunch and killed time. There were no other courses worth our time, so we hit the vendors again, then went to the central tent to kill time. We decided what to attend tomorrow and then he went home, while I waited to get picked up. Thankfully I brought a book with, so I wasn’t too bored.

Overall, I am not that impressed with this whole conference. I could have used the time over these last 2 days in other ways, including getting some needed rest. Oh well, 1 more day and I’m free for 2 days.

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