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3D Mark Vantage Fail

I recently obtained a new graphics card, an EVGA GTX480. My old Asus 8800GTX card died about a month ago for whatever reason, so I decided to purchase a new performance card that would last me. The card is running great so far, so I thought I would load up 3D Mark Vantage to run some benchmarking tests, as 3D Mark is the synthetic benchmark king. I’ve enjoyed the previous benchmarks in the past, so I was looking forward to seeing Vantage.

After installing, the fun begins. It doesn’t run with Aero on in Windows 7, so switches to Windows Basic colour scheme. I guess this is to reduce graphics load for benchmarking, so while annoying, it’s understandable. What is totally unforgivable however is that the benchmark will not run if your monitor does not support the 1280×1024 resolution. Try as I might, I could not get the benchmark to run, and searching the net pretty much told me that I had no chance in hell of running it, short of using another monitor capable of that minimum.

While I understand that it is a good thing to drive towards a standard level for all benchmarks, locking out all functionality unless your monitor supports that resolution is just plain stupid. Suffice to say, I’ve since removed Vantage, and I won’t be installing it again, nor will I install the next 3D Mark version either.

It seems many websites are moving away from 3D Mark as well as it is too synthetic, and after this debacle, I know why. Futuremark is also alienating customers by no longer offering a free edition of the tool, only a 1 run trial or the paid editions. Guess I’ll be looking at other benchmarking software then, products that are either free or that actually work as claimed.

Pity really, as I was really keen on trying out Vantage.

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