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Samsung BD-C5500 – A bit of a grumble

In the middle of December last year, I purchased a 46” Samsung C5000 LED LCD TV for our home, as well as the BD-C5500 Blu-ray player. The two work really well together, with either remote being able to control most of the TV and blu-ray player equally well.

Both devices have an Ethernet port so that they can be connected to a network, but at this point in time neither are hooked up yet. Browsing the Samsung support pages, I discovered that there was updated firmware files for both devices. I duly downloaded both, which weighed in at 62MB for the blu-ray player and 101MB for the TV. I transferred the *.RUF file for the player onto a flash drive and inserted it into the player’s USB port. The stick was duly picked up, but there was no option to update the player. I tried a couple of time without any luck.

I took the stick back to my computer and shortened the name of the firmware file. I went back to the player and inserted the stick, this time after the player was booted up. It picked up that the stick had an update file on it, but it moaned that something was incorrect in the file. Almost giving up the fight then and there, I searched the net for some more information. I came across some information that indicated that I could burn the update file to a CD and use that instead.

I proceeded to burn the update file with it’s exact original file name to a blank CD-RW I had laying around. Fingers crossed, I went back to the player with disk in hand. I inserted the disk after boot up. Lo and behold, the player immediately informed me that there was a new update available and asked if I would like to update. Hoping that the CD didn’t have bad sectors or any other corruption on it, I clicked on the OK button and waited.

The entire process took probably over 5 minutes. Existing firmware was checked, player prepared and so forth before the actual flashing process took place. Once it was done, the player ejected the disk and switched itself off. I turned it back on according to instructions, and the player started up fine. A quick check in the settings showed that the firmware was indeed updated.

While I’m now happy that the firmware is updated, I’m a bit miffed at how finicky it is to update if the player isn’t connected to the internet. The lack of clear and precise instructions is a bit frustrating, as is the generic instructions given that don’t match what is said on the actual player. That being said, this is my first Blu-ray player, and I’m pretty happy with the device so far.

Flashing the TV is up next, hopefully it’s easier than the player was. I’ll post another post when it’s done.

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