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Bad time to be a network admin

If there’s one time of the year when I fear being a network admin, it’s at the start of a school year. Being the industrious people we are, we often work deep into holidays whilst the academic staff are out and about. It actually suits us, as we are able to finally do maintenance and other tasks that generally can’t be done in term time. As strange as it sounds, it’s almost bliss to work in a quiet environment.

Coming back at the start of the year is where the fun ends though. The moment the academic staff get back, a hundred requests suddenly pour in, wrecking the schedule you have set up. That is what has happened the last few days at work as my school gears itself up for opening on Wednesday. My colleague and I are fighting to finish work on our main IT lab, which had a makeover last year. Stripping the entire place was one thing, but added to the fact that we have to slot in new computers and it’s become a major time eater.

Added to that, we have been running around getting the new school administration software up and running on each computer in each class, a task made horrendous by the fact that the software can’t be deployed. Of course, during this running around, we find things like broken power strips and other frustrating things that set us back further. It’s even more frustrating when the stupid things worked fine last year, but suddenly seem to have died over the holidays. One of those puzzles of technology we’ll probably never figure out.

Of course, none of this would be complete without the academic staff having a two day training session, to which my colleague and I are expected to set up the laptop and data projector at a moment’s notice. To sweeten it all off, two new photocopiers arrived in the middle of lunch today, totally unexpected. To be more precise, the copiers were expected, but not to arrive when they did. More chaotic running around.

Despite it all seeming like a madhouse though, it’s almost strangely refreshing. When I get my salary at the end of the month, I will feel like I earned every cent of it. Strangely enough, I almost seem to thrive on the chaos and pressure, something I would never admit out loud…

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