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Mass Effect 3 Redux

My last blog post was about the failure of Mass Effect 3 to correctly import the face of my Commander Shepard. I’m still waiting on BioWare to patch the problem, so I’ve yet to start the single player campaign. However, I thought that a picture would be worth a thousand words, so I’m going to graphically demonstrate how far off the importer is.

My Shepard in Mass Effect:

MassEffect 2012-03-15 18-41-24-60

Mass Effect 2:

MassEffect2 2012-03-15 19-12-03-25

And what Mass Effect 3 wants to offer me:

MassEffect3 2012-03-15 18-45-23-49

I tried fiddling with the values in the Character Creator to get him close to what he was, but this was the closest I could get:

MassEffect3 2012-03-15 19-21-54-06

Needless to say, I will only get to fully experience Mass Effect 3 once – replays after that will not have the same impact. It’s painful to wait, but I will wait until the patch comes out and fixes the problem, or BioWare says that they cannot fix it. Until then, it’s multi player only.

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