My Computer’s specifications

This is my home computer’s specifications, for anyone who may be interested. The history behind my computer is simple enough, but it’s been a long road getting there.

Our family got a computer back in 2001, a Pentium 3 800Mhz with 128MB ram, and a TNT2 M64 Video Card with 32MB ram, and a 20GB hard drive. Also included was a 19" CRT monitor. Windows ME was the operating system. For the time, it wasn’t exactly cutting edge, nor was it too old. I had a collection of games that I had bought or received as gifts, and I started playing them. Unfortunately, I soon discovered the limitations of the system. Games couldn’t play at a decent resolution, things crashed, and more and more games were needing a Geforce to work. Since I was in grade 10 at the time, I had no money to upgrade.

Of course, being a family computer, my dad would not spend any extra cash on it, unless he absolutely had to, i.e. the printer or hard drives dying, new mouse etc. So I kept building up my collection of games, and waited patiently. When I got out of college, I started saving and working towards the goal of having my own computer that would be:

  • Be fast enough to run any game that I had with all the bells and whistles on,
  • Last me years to come, with good build quality
  • Be easily upgradeable, with no weird and proprietary hardware standards.

Knowing that computer technology rapidly changes, I decided to start off with mostly static components. So I bought the case, mouse, keyboard, optical drives, and 2 hard drives. From then on, I had to save my cash, but I ended up using most of my cash on other things and people that are a story for some other time.

Eventually, I bought my motherboard. Luckily for me, this particular board has been incredibly long lived, and came from the Pentium 4 age right through to the Core 2 Quads.

Again, I bought as money allowed, and always keeping my eyes peeled to watch hardware developments closely. I read magazines, went online and searched many sites. After that, I did research on the products I wanted, and found out all I could about them. This is how I ended up with my 24" monitor for example.

3 years after I started, I was able to finish my build, and I am exceptionally happy with it. I was lucky enough to have been able to buy a Geforce 8800GTX as well, right before they went end of life. It was expensive, but worth every penny.

Here in full is my rig’s specs:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450 2.66GHZ
  • Asus P5WDH-Deluxe motherboard
  • Asus EN8800GTX graphics card
  • Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 Ram, 2x2GB sticks with DHX heatsinks
  • Creative Labs X-Fi Fata1ity FPS sound card with 5.25" drive bay
  • BenQ FP241W 24" monitor
  • 2x250GB Seagate SATA hard drives
  • LG multi format DVD writer
  • Sony OEM Cd writer
  • Microsoft SideWinder Mouse, SideWinder X6 keyboard
  • Sony 6.2 Channel home theatre system (bought by my parents as a 21st birthday gift)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64. This is now my only OS on the computer, I no longer run Vista or XP.

My computer has handled every game thrown at it, and while not with all the bells and whistles maybe, it’s been a solid system. It’s also done really well with a platform for virtual machines.

Future upgrades would basically be a new Core i7 based rig due to the age of this system now, but there is no need for that yet. An extra 4GB ram and more hard drive space is all I really need right now.

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