Cool websites

Here are some links to cool websites I’ve come across over the years. They are mostly IT related, but there are some others as well. As I come across more I’ll add them to this list.

  • – The premier technical/broadband related forum in South Africa. Started off as a protest against Telkom’s extremely high internet prices, and through community action has managed to become a central point for all broadband related topics in the country.
  • – Site for great digital art, makes for amazing wallpapers. Being a fantasy book nut, some of the magical scenes are straight out of a fantasy novel. Really a top notch site to go to.
  • – When it comes to any computer related news and reviews, this site should have it. They often go into extreme technical depth with reviews, something that many other sites gloss over for shiny benchmark graphs. Should be a site you visit daily if you are into computers even semi seriously.
  • – Free network inventory software. I’ve posted a blog entry about this so I won’t go over it again in depth. If you run a medium sized network, go check this out pronto. Super useful program.
  • – Home of the Cape Town Wireless User group. These guys have set up a mesh wireless network covering most of Cape Town, which creates a permanent free wireless network for everyone to join and participate in.
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